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About Us

-Our History-

CampusBazaar is by no means an accident, it is a carefully thought out product and result of many years of patience, hard-work, passion and persistence. CampusBazaar is a dream that was conceived and inspired from first hand day to day struggles of campus entrepreneurship. As such it is hopefully a solution and reprieve to campus-based businesses and enterprising comrades, especially those who have ever wished it was a lot easier and less costly to advertise their products and services albeit in a more targeted and effective way. CampusBazaar is work in progress that will keep improving and becoming better in delivering on its mission and promise.

-Our Mission-

To simplify the hustle of advertising and marketing products and services, to and among campus students with an aim of inspiring and naturing the next generation entrepreneurs.

-Our Promise-

Since ‘effective and result-producing’ advertising and marketing is never a one day affair, we will always welcome and partner with any businesses or individuals that wish to take advantage of this and our many other internet marketing platforms to advertise their products and services. We will hold your hand and help you ensure you don’t just advertise, but rather advertise and market your products and services in a manner that works and improves your chances of making more sales. Our able team will handle the donkey-work of promoting your products and services and set you free to concentrate on other aspects of your business. All we require from you is to simply undertake to provide us with accurate, honest and comprehensive details about your products or services accompanied with quality pictures of the same where necessary.